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 The trio members are:


Bass - Charles Mishalany

Keys - Tom Olsen

Drums - Bobby Henderson


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Charles Mishalany, Tom Olsen, Bobby Henderson

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Since 2009 The Tom Olsen Trio has performed hundreds of gigs around the metro Atlanta area as a 3-piece jazz combo and with more than 40 guest vocalists and other musicians.  Our music is versatile and classy including jazz standards, Latin jazz, Blues, Swing, Bop, 60's Bossa, jazz/rock fusion, and funk from artists like Duke Ellington,Thelonious Monk, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Horace Silver, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Juan Carlos Jobim, Steely Dan, Burt Bacherach, Herbie Hancock, and even some Beatles.


Tom Olsen Trio

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Here are some of the venues we have performed:

Joey D's Oak Room
Maggiano's Cumberland Mall

Chicago's Restaurant
Ritz Carlton Buckhead
St Regis Hotel
Morton's The Steakhouse
Churchill Grounds
The Georgian Terrace Hotel
Forum on Peachtree Parkway
Falls at Sope Creek Apartments
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Delta Flight Museum

Atlanta National Golf Club

Reynolds Plantation

Eagle's Landing Country Club

KR Steak-bar 


Trio gig

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Here is a list of the vocalists we have performed with:

Courtney Stanley
Gwen Hughes
Julie Dexter
Ilona Knopfler
Melanie Massell
Robert Ray
Gina Grate
Raquel Lozano
Laura Coyle
Paula Harris
Dejie Johnson
Janet Stevenson
Janet Metzger
Jessie Davis
Kemba Cofield
Penelope Williams
Emile Worthy
Lina Kawar
Theresa Hightower
Jennifer Freeman
Sheree Antoinette
Cristy Seely-King
Pamela Wright
Audrey Shakir


Tom Olsen Trio

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Here is a list of some of the instrumentalists we have performed with:

Steve Brown - bass

Frederick Green - bass

Dean Demerritt - bass

Franher Joseph - bass

David Back - bass

Bob Boyce - bass

Chris Riggenbach - bass

Gary Wilkens - bass

Carlos Enamorado - bass

Ramon Pooser - bass

Moffett Morris - bass

Adrian Ash - bass

Craig Shaw - bass

John Hancotte - bass

Rob Henson - bass

Scott Glazer - bass

Ray McMurtry - bass

Bob Schneider - drums

Lamont Williams - drums

Justin Chesarek - drums

Che Marshall - drums

Lorenzo Sanford - drums

Henry Conerway III - drums

Paul Fallat - drums

Kinah Botah - drums

Ben Williams - drums

Bill Norman - drums

Bill Whitford - drums

Daryl Stevens - drums

Henry Brent - drums

Mike Hinton - drums

Ben Bailey - drums

John Lewis - drums

Michael Vosbein - drums

Tyrone Jackson - piano

Carter McMullen - piano

Jim Pearce - piano

Ned Cullen - piano

Tom Woods - piano

Randy Hoexter - piano

Dustin Cottrell - piano

Terry Corcoran - sax

Davide Burks - sax, flute

Sam Skelton - sax, flute, clarinet

Eric Fontaine - sax, flute

Steven Charles - sax, flute, and vocal

Ken Gregory - trumpet, guitar, vocal

Phil West - trumpet, fluglehorn





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  • Maggiano's Cumberland Mall
    Atlanta GA
    6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Chicago's Restaurant
    Roswell GA
    7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Maggiano's Cumberland Mall
    Atlanta GA
    6:30 PM to 9:30 PM